Get easy access to insure and assure the life of your vehicle!

    Take a smarter move by investing your money at the right insurance company and get ready to seak and reap greater benefits out of the same.

    Customize your vehicle IDV

    10Insurances is a great website nurturing aspiring people for years. Adjoining hands with them, you can easily protect your vehicle and have your hands on IDV as per your choice.

    Super-fast claims

    Having a wide variety of list of companies, you can have effective claims which can be equipped to you in a specific time period. Get settled with 96% of claims all for your private cars.

    Different types of insurance

    One of the best highlights of 10Insurances is, that they do not just rest on one-of-a-kind insurance. Ranging from general to fastag, until two-wheeler insurance as well, you can claim any!

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    Give your car extraordinary coverage!

    Once you intend to insure a car with 10Insurances, you shall seek zero commissions and endless benefits. Travel anywhere in the world without carrying a worry.

    Companies listed via 10Insurances provide 24*7 support. Herein, you can simply call them and acquire help. They work alongside smart coverage options helping to unlock a clear gateway for your assets and their security.

    Why Choose 10Insurances?

    Who doesn't wish to keep their vehicle as close and secure with them, as much as theft may do with a house of their own? Well, browse all about 10Insurances in-depth and you may explore a wide list of companies that are listed and shall entail you for your auto insurance within no time. From small savers to bumper covers, get everything personalized as well as secured by filtering a company that may suit best your requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is not just one kind of car insurance available but plenty. 10Insurances offers a long list of companies that differ in accordance with your budget. Instead of just looking for the best insurance companies via reviews, you must go out for a provider which contains impressive history, good and valuable reputation, claim settlement ratio and make the most usage of networking. Browsing the 10Insurances site will also help you set a filter according to your preference and choices.

    Of course. Whether the car is old or new, you can anyhow file for the auto insurance policy as per your need. In accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it has been clearly mentioned that it is mandatory for all kinds of automobiles/cars in public places of India to have insurance irrespective of the vehicle age. Generally, the cars which are old enough attract a minimal amount of premium in comparison to the other new cars as the market value of the car decreases over time.

    Generally, there are two kinds of car insurance plans which are broadly available. The basic and mandatory one is third-party insurance. Herein, the plan covers the policyholder against any liability which may arise out of a vehicle that is caused to a third party.

    On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance offers a premium plan which is an enhanced formula holding up complete protection to the policyholder against the third-party liability, consisting of clearing the damage suffered by the owner of the car.

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    Christina Elisia

    I have been rigorously using 10Insurances for a few months and the experience is outstanding. It is super easy to browse through and make use of the same. I am sure whoever is willing to seek an auto insurance company, 10Insurances will be of utmost help for them. Redefine your sector and secure your assets with 10Insurances.


    Super successful to have renewed my car insurance easily with the 10Insurances. I paid a minimal amount and within that only, slowly my insurance amount was paid without any hassle. There are some amazing companies listed at 10Insurances! Go check guys! You will also be surprised looking at their exceptional services, companies and benefits offered.

    Akash Sen

    Very impressed with the way how 10Insurances and the companies enlisted helped me go through a seamless process. Good service. There was no hassle or room for fraud. For 10Insurances, your work is highly appreciated and noticeable for the good. It was one great experience that I could barely find anywhere else. Even the customer service was very supportive and used to reply timely. What else can one expect? Really amazing service!

    Aayushi Gupta

    If you are someone who is willing to seek exceptional service in regard to your auto insurance then I must say, 10Insurances is the one you should surely reach out to. What a seamless claim experience with barely 0 paperwork. At first, I thought it was like a dream come true. I was able to seek maximum benefits and discounts! Thanks, team, for equipping me with such a great experience throughout. My cars are safer than usual now.