Give the right insurance for your health and healthy living!

    Life is full of uncertain aspects, yet it is our duty to keep our lives safe. Go beyond insurance and discover a healthy you with 10Insurances!

    Family plans

    One of the greatest reasons for health insurance is, that it does not just cover an individual but also covers the entire family plan. Pay a premium and enjoy for a lifetime.

    Financial security

    Buying a health insurance plan almost acts like financial security which can be your quicker aid, whenever in need. Take the wise move and secure yourself.

    Long-term security

    Insurance policies have the tendency to mature with time. You can also choose to reap maturity benefits along with the same. Insure yourself today for long-term security.

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    Believe in Executing your life plans from the beginning!

    Know-all about the insurance plans along with a saving-oriented plan today!

    Join hands with 10Insurances, and get the best insurance plan possible. Herein, you can explore as much as you can and refine to filter in accordance with your preference. Browse the platform to seek advantages along with additional benefits apart from the major insurance plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The earlier you wish to buy a life insurance plan, the more beneficial it may result for you. It is essential to keep in mind that having a life insurance plan does not just help to keep your life at security for your health but also provides a death benefit within a fixed tenure. 10Insurances provides plenty of benefits as here, you do not have to invest your time browsing somewhere outside, according to your preference you can put a filter and choose what you wish to.

    The right life insurance plan will also provide you with a policy loan, if in any case you are in need of sudden money. This amount can be taken within an amount percentage for cash or a sum value assured that rests upon policy provisions.

    Every policy offers different pay premiums. If you wish to agree towards a specific pre-agreed period, you can enjoy the insurance plan within the whole duration in regard to 5,7, or 10 years.

    This will ensure help you save up to 65% of the amount within the entire policy duration helping you and your family enjoy safety, and happiness.

    As mentioned above, every company or policy differs in different kinds of perks and advantages as you move ahead. For the same, the basic example set herein offers and covers a nominal premium. The two broad categories of rider life insurance plan are covered namely, Accidental death rider and accidental total with permanent disability rider. Plenty of other available companies also offer different kinds of insurance cover, though their policies vary and can be known at the very start of the process.

    Marissa Komp

    It’s been really great finding the most appropriate life insurance company. I found a perfect agent who made the experience stress-free. It would have been a really nerve-wracking experience if I would go without 10Insurances. I am so happy that I browsed through their website. Thanks a lot for making my life a lot easier. It is very important for one to have a life insurance plan in such a high budget ongoing life if not for them but at least for family safety and their life.

    Aarushi Khatri

    I want to say what an excellent platform 10Insurances is. Their customer-care person was also proven to be of utmost help which was the biggest highlight of the process. I was able to reap such great benefits and a good amount of money after my dad sold our family business of 40 years. There was a lot of difference in seeking the amount with utmost feasibility which was all possible via 10Insurances only! Kudos. Would really recommend this platform to many others.

    Erick James

    I really wanted to give my personal opinion and experience spent searching for an impeccable life insurance plan at 10Insurances. This would be a better place if people would really surf this site. It was so smooth and easier to browse through. I was able to refine and choose what I was longing for within 15 mins only. So professional agents who lurked my background from top to toe within a certain time period and also gave allowance with benefits! Thanks, team. Hats off!

    Jennifer Gayle

    I am writing to let other seekers know how pleased I am to have a great experience with 10Insurances. They made sure all the bases were covered and the company took real good responsibility for my family like it is their own. Loved the customer service person as well. I highly appreciate this platform. Platforms like these really help to save time, energy and are highly efficient.