Safeguarding the health and life of your pet, just as yours!

    Pets are sure there for a very short time of our lives. Why not make that time utmostly fruitful for them? Browse 10Insurances and receive endless financial, medical, and other beneficiary aid!

    Care with love

    Since pet parents don't come easy, it’s your time to invest now and eradicate the hassles of tomorrow. Show utmost care to your pets, with immense love

    Premium covers

    Just like human illnesses come uninformed, so does pet illness. Having pet insurance shall ensure additional cover to their medical facilities and disability risk if persists

    Pet plans for mortality

    Let your new family member remain as contended in your house as much as you do. Widely available domestic pet plans will ensure their safety, security, and well-being

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    Don’t be their pet parents just for saying, get it on papers and insure your furball!

    Make your four-legged friend live longer and healthier with their exceptional veterinary medications. Medical costs are rising, but making their lives insured via the best pet insurance company listed under 10Insurances will help your pet stay fit physically and monetary within the aspects of all kinds of treatments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    10Insurances is regarded as the pioneer in searching and helping you find the most appropriate company to acquire insurance from. It is advised for every pet owner to have pet insurance as the medical costs and grooming, are rising rapidly which on average has been recorded as almost Rs.1Lac/per annum. Once you seek pet insurance, all you need to do is to invest once and sit back to relax your entire life. Additional benefits are also associated with pet insurance such as best health factors, safeguard from accidental aspects, affordable accessories, and protection to complete medical assistance.

    Give your furry babies the quality life they deserve with 10Insurances.

    The motive of a pet insurance plan is quite simple and relatively easier to understand. Herein, the plan is widely used for utmost protection to keep you financially supported and strong if any emergency case persists. This was initiated to give your pet the best care possible. Pets are generally classified into small, medium, and large. All you need to do is to surf the website of 10Insurances, put the filter on for pet insurance companies and you will see more than 4000 companies listed, making it easier for you to refine and choose from. Choose a specific pet insurance cover today and secure the life of your four-legged friend.

    It is nearly impossible to quote how much will it charge for your pet insurance entirely as this solely depends on the type of company you may choose to get yourself equipped with. Moreover, as mentioned above, this also depends on the size, gender, age, and breed of your pet. Along with the same, after a complete medical checkup, a pet’s health also sums up to insure options to choose from. The vaccination part also depends and varies from company to company. Some companies do promise to offer the same benefit, while some do not agree.

    Get a word from their satisfied former clients!

    Elivia Pathak

    As you all know pneumonia is a very common disease among pets and can occur anytime, any moment, uninformed. I was so so lucky to have got my Bruno insured a month ago itself and today he is really sick with the disease. So lucky that the comprehensive insurance plan I found via 10Insurances gave me a reference to the best company possible. Those guys have done such great research, I just wanted to give you kudos. What an informational policy, great benefits. Thanks a lot, team!

    Rohit Roy

    I believe that dogs are present with us for a very short period of time, and it is our duty as pet owners to secure their lives and make them quality-oriented. The company I was able to shortlist after long research at 10Insurances, gave me a clear pathway towards this amazing company offering a vaccination benefit all along. I immediately insured my pet over here. My cat is a lil fussy and of course, every pet requires vaccinations regularly. For the same, I am happy that I am free now and everything is onto the company. It really gives you a sigh of relief just like your own kid. For me, mellow is the only kid and I shall do anything to prevail in her life. Thank you for your utmost help 10Insurances.

    Elesh Singh

    10Insurances is a great platform to provide your pets with utmost care. This is my personal recommendation to anyone that owns a pet. It is highly essential to have pet insurance, trust me. It's my personal experience speaking. Pets can have chronic illnesses, at any time. For their safety and healthy paws, it's very important to have the same. Highly satisfied and happy with the suggestions provided by 10Insurances.

    Karishma Agnihotri

    At first, I thought the 10Insurances site is complex and is of no use unless I found something new and attractive listings for pet insurance. Trust me, I would have never gone for this if it was not listed on 10Insurances. It was really amazing and helped me get through what I wanted. Thanks, team, great experience.